McMahon Community Consultants

McMahon Community Consultants is a national firm specializing in making needed facility improvements and completing deferred facility renovation projects for residential communities for their administrative, recreational and support facilities. Our planning process is based on experience in understanding association needs on planning, consulting, costing and funding projects that get approved and built. We have served over 150 HOA communities and/or clubs within them over the past 36 years.

Our team consists of membership survey, strategic planning and facility specialists who not only help a community build the right projects, but our process involves all resident members in the process so they take ownership and support the projects. We are consensus builders. McMahon Community Consultants is not an architectural firm who will be designing a final construction project. We are a facility planning firm with architects on staff who help Boards and Community planning committees determining feasibility and then get approval of projects before construction architects and contractors are hired.

Community facility planning done the McMahon way works within capital methods to support feasible facility projects which most importantly enhance the quality of community life and enhance property values.