Our Services

McMahon Community Consultants services are the essential pre-architecture and pre-construction steps in communicating and planning which determine:

  • What to build
  • Why to build
  • How to fund
  • When to build, and
  • How to approve projects

Our experience serving over 150 HOAs/POAs/Community Associations over the past 36 years gives us the understanding of members, governance, management and most of all facilities which achieve strategic goals. It all goes back to the ultimate goal of providing the best possible environment for resident members.

Surveying Residents

A membership survey is the essential first step in addressing any community challenge or controversial issue, be it clubhouse, strategic, financial, facility or operational in nature. A McMahon survey provides your community with the information that is necessary to understand the needs, concerns and expectations of your member residents. Our database of comparable results from surveys completed is unmatched.

McMahon customizes the survey process that best fits your needs. The McMahon research process assures consensus building that involves the membership in the beginning of your planning process.

Strategic Planning

Comprehensive strategic planning for a community is essentially understanding where a community is today and where it must go tomorrow, so it can be led to maximum success.

No activity is more critical to a community’s future than having and following its own Strategic Plan. Nothing of a major nature should be done at a community, be it bylaw, governance, facility or operational in nature unless it promotes the achievement of the community’s mission (its purpose).

McMahon approaches comprehensive strategic planning by utilizing input from member residents and management team in the planning process with our principal consultants. With our principals having been Board members and committee members; no one brings the level of comprehensible knowledge to strategic planning as does Bill McMahon, Sr., Frank Vain, and Bill McMahon, Jr.

McMahon is a strong believer in realistic and practical strategic planning for communities as they face the new economic realities of a very value-conscious society. This type of intuitive planning requires good initial research and a broad understanding of community life.

Facility Planning – The McMahon Way

McMahon has a proven planning process developed from over 30 years of experience in helping communities with their facility projects. Our comprehensive facility process includes:

  • Membership research to learn what resident members want
  • Goals and programming criteria identified
  • Master plan developed for long-term facility improvements
  • Identify first phase project with colored plans, illustrations, opinion of probably cost and feasible financing plan that is presented to the membership
  • Opinion survey tool to test facility projects

McMahon’s insight and facility experience provides unparalleled success for achieving approval of needed facility projects. We also work with communities who have chosen a designer to assist in packaging and presenting a facility plan.

Learning about your community’s needs and McMahon’s services begin with our complimentary First Impressions visit.